Betrayal – “I Reversed Autoimmune Disease!”

Episode 7 – Continued information + story after story of those that overcame chronic disease!

betrayal_banner_attend_600x600_blueDid you catch Episode 6 of the series? Wow. I’m continually amazed at how much of an impact toxins have on your body and life, and how much you can do to affect that impact and change the course of your life.

Tonight… Betrayal – “I Reversed Autoimmune Disease!” The Emotional Stories of Those that Overcame Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Lupus, Asthma, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue, and More. Continue reading “Betrayal – “I Reversed Autoimmune Disease!””

Betrayal Series Continues

Enjoy Episode 6 from the Betrayal series.

betrayal_banner_attend_600x600_primary_1The Betrayal series continues tonight with Episode 6: Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders: The Truth About Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, and Autism.

Have you enjoyed the first 5 episodes? Hopefully you were able to catch episode 5. If not, you still have a few hours left to enjoy Episode 5 on toxins. Just click here to watch before it goes away. Continue reading “Betrayal Series Continues”

Betrayal Episode 4 is Live

Episode 4 is live or consider buying the series at the discounted price.


Betrayal Episode 4 is Live tonight…right now and for 24 hours, and you may want to pay particular attention to this episode if you have digestive struggles, want to learn more about the challenges related to gluten…..well basically that includes just about everything, so this should be a good one for everyone to tune in to.

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Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series

Don’t miss one episode of Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series


It turns out there is a huge number of viewers watching Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series, and the number is growing fast. For this reason Dr. Tom O’Bryan and his crew are leaving Episodes 1-3 available for another 24 hours for those that are just joining in, so sign up for the full series, Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series here. Be sure to choose the full series link if you haven’t yet signed up, so you can receive direct emails when the remaining episodes are released. Continue reading “Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series”

Betrayal – Episode 3

Don’t miss out on Episode 3 of Betrayal which focuses on the microbiome.

Betrayal – Episode 3 opens tonight at 8:00 p.m. CST, but, in case you missed Episodes 1 and 2, Dr. O’Bryan will be keeping those open also for another 24 hours.

betrayal_banners_3-300x500Go here to watch and as a reminder, the topics for the three episodes so far…including the new one tonight are:

Nov 14th: Episode 1
The Autoimmune Epidemic: Root Causes and Solutions

Nov 15th: Episode 2
Intestinal Permeability: The Gateway to Autoimmunity

Nov 16th: Episode 3
The Microbiome: Where Health and Disease Begin and End Continue reading “Betrayal – Episode 3”