Have you Considered a Health Coach?

Find out about the health coaches in training at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

fmca-affiliate-logo-900x250-cmykWhen I decided to pursue training to become a certified health coach, I initially signed up with another school….and then I heard about the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. The fact that they were affiliated with the Institute for Functional Medicine definitely got my attention, but when I looked through what would be studied over the year, I had to find out more. Continue reading “Have you Considered a Health Coach?”

A Healthy Change

Water. A healthy change.

Getting Started

It’s time. It’s time for you to make a healthy change…a beginning of your journey to a healthier future. When you start making changes that can start improving your health, simply feeling better can be motivation enough to continue. Sometimes your example can even be inspiring to others. Can you imagine how you would feel a year from now, if you start making healthier choices today? How would you feel if you had a positive impact on those around you because of your healthier choices? Continue reading “A Healthy Change”