Rethink Lunch


I try to plan our meals so that leftovers from dinner can be lunch the next day, but sometimes that plan doesn’t work out, and we are left to rethink lunch. No problem…unless you’re a little short on time in the morning or maybe if you’re one of those that stands in front of the open fridge contemplating. There are so many directions you could go. Hey! What about hummus? Continue reading “Rethink Lunch”

Consider Your Snacks

Curry Honey Cashews-a simple, healthy snack for home or on-the-go.

wp_20160907_006-2As you progress in your journey towards better health, have you stopped for a moment to consider your snacks? In our household, we have a few recipes that are favorite “go-to’s”, and our Curry Honey Cashews are definitely one of them.

My husband grew up enjoying all of his favorite snacks commonly found on grocery store shelves that came in every cookie cutter shape and color. I was more of a chips or ice cream girl, choosing different “flavors” depending upon my craving. But have you looked at the ingredients in those bagged and boxed selections, including many that are not meant to be eaten and often cannot pronounce? Continue reading “Consider Your Snacks”