Farmers’ Market Fresh

If you are looking for some fresh fruits and veggies…

Are you wanting to incorporate more fresh food into your family’s diet? Well Farmers’ Market fresh is as fresh as it gets.

Farmers’ markets are filled with booths of individual farming families that live in and around your community picking fruits and veggies fresh from the plant, tree, or vine and heading straight to the market. When you arrive at the farmers’ market, make your purchases, and head home to plan and prepare meals for yourself and your family, you have brought home goods that were picked only hours earlier. No significant amount of time has passed, so you are getting full access to the nutrients present in each one of your peppers, melons, potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, or whatever items you decided upon. Continue reading “Farmers’ Market Fresh”

Let Me Introduce Myself

Just a little about me…

WP_20160821_014If you don’t mind, please let me introduce myself.

I’m Elaine Watkins, and I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve started this resource, with the encouragement of my family, to share the information we’ve been collecting over the last several years about living healthier lives along with the how’s and why’s of making different choices.

There’s been an undercurrent of minor health challenges across my adult life including PMS, heartburn, weight gain, and so on, and I basically bought the line that it all came with getting older. It wasn’t until I broke down and went to a doctor six years ago to do something about what I thought was menopause and learned that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The doctor took me off of gluten before I left, and I headed home to find out what Hashimoto’s actually was and start adjusting. Fast forward to today and you find me eating real food with as much color variety as I can get on a plate, cleaning in ways that won’t hurt people or pets, and dealing with stress in simple yet satisfying ways. I am a work in progress, but Wow do I feel So Much Better!

I love doing research and am continually amazed at how the body is so beautifully designed. I’m now studying for certification as a health coach and hope to bring new and expanded opportunities to you soon.