Have you Considered a Health Coach?

Find out about the health coaches in training at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

fmca-affiliate-logo-900x250-cmykWhen I decided to pursue training to become a certified health coach, I initially signed up with another school….and then I heard about the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. The fact that they were affiliated with the Institute for Functional Medicine definitely got my attention, but when I looked through what would be studied over the year, I had to find out more.

Along with several discussions with my husband over the next few days, I was also able to schedule and meet via phone with the FMCA Director of Admissions the day before classes started and after that talk, I Knew I had to be a Functional Medicine Coaching Academy student. The other school graciously released me from my agreement, and I’ve never looked back.

Every month has been loaded with an amazing collection of information, interviews, and assignments relating to the many areas of root cause functional health. As part of our curriculum, we also have a 6-month supervised practicum where we get to work with actual clients and co-create a plan to transform their health through diet and lifestyle change. How? By applying the cutting edge information we’re learning in Functional Medicine, functional nutrition, mind-body medicine, positive psychology, motivational interviewing and behavior change. We’re doing this through our Functional Medicine Coaching Center.

And this is where you come in…

We have lots of health coaches-in-training passionate about helping people reach their goals, but we need people who want to be coached. You might be wondering what coaches do. They encourage. Support. Educate. Brainstorm. Provide Accountability. What they don’t do is lecture. Dictate. Scold. Judge. For about $10/session, you’ll get paired with a student coach and work together over the phone or online for 10 sessions over three months. What health and wellness goals do you need help reaching? Click here to get started!

It’s that simple….just click here and get started!

To your good health…


One thought on “Have you Considered a Health Coach?”

  1. Hi Elaine. Your story is similar to mine. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s many years ago and am on a health quest like you. I have been watching all of the videos and webinars from many of the doctors you list on your site and have been learning a lot. The functional medicine training you are getting for health coaching sounds really interesting. We will have to share notes one of these days. Jeff Miller

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