Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series

Don’t miss one episode of Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series


It turns out there is a huge number of viewers watching Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series, and the number is growing fast. For this reason Dr. Tom O’Bryan and his crew are leaving Episodes 1-3 available for another 24 hours for those that are just joining in, so sign up for the full series, Betrayal – The Autoimmune Series here. Be sure to choose the full series link if you haven’t yet signed up, so you can receive direct emails when the remaining episodes are released.

You can also access the individual episodes 1-3 below:

  • Betrayal Episode 1 here
  • Betrayal Episode 2 here
  • Betrayal Episode 3 here

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, so they can also catch every episode, before Episode 4 is released.


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