Take Some Time for You-Where is Your Comfortable Space?

WP_20160820_021Do you have a favorite place to go when you want or maybe need to take some time for you and be still? It could be anywhere, but I’m really thinking more towards a special comfortable space at home where you can steal a few minutes away and just take a breath, slow down your thoughts, and simply take in the beauty around you, the joy of small things that aren’t always noticed, and life itself?

If not, why not? Oh wait….scratch that! I’m sure you are just as good as I am in thinking of a million reasons why you simply can’t fit it in. Life can be very busy with work, family, obligations, activities, phone calls, email…need I go on? Time set aside to just be still can be hard to come by. Or maybe you’re someone that just finds it difficult to Be still.

…but I’m only talking about just a few minutes… In just a few minutes each day, you can shift into a calmer mental place, get focused, breathe, and end up approaching the rest of your day a little bit calmer. Just go sit outside on your front porch steps, or what about a chair on your back patio with a hot cup of chamomile tea. Maybe your special, comfortable space is inside-a comfy chair in your bedroom or on your couch with your legs stretched out next to a window.

Would you close your eyes and just savor the time-breathing slowly and deeply as you notice sounds and smells around you? Maybe you hear birds singing, trees rustling, kids playing, the noise of the fan or maybe its the sound of the air vent behind you that you never noticed before. Maybe you’ll keep your eyes open and notice the individual leaves moving on the trees, a bumblebee buzzing from flower to flower, the wispy clouds floating by, the grains in the table wood that seem to remind you of an identifiable shape.

Try breathing in slowly for 4 seconds through your noise and then breathe out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Now repeat that slow breath. Did you know that you can actually take just a few deep and slow breaths and shift control from a stressed state to a relaxed state. Wouldn’t it be great to return to your activities and responsibilities in a calmer and refreshed mood?

Life can be busy, but maybe it’s time to take some time for you. It’s just a few minutes.

Where is your comfortable space?

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