Rise and Shine

Encouragement as you choose better health…

It’s a new day!

Things are changing! Things have been changing for awhile for me, and now let me encourage you to step out and fully take in the new day with excitement…to rise and shine…today is your day!

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis a few years ago, I started a journey of discovery. I had finally broken down and headed to a doctor thinking that menopause was getting to be a problem. My weight had jumped up by 30 pounds and then wouldn’t budge, and I felt pretty crummy. I had increased my workouts and was tracking everything I ate, weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, plantar fasciitis, stiff joints, coldness and hot sweats, and mood swings were some of the challenges to my daily life. I even had small clusters of bumps rise up on my hands, arms and neck and then later fade and be replaced by new clusters. I was stressed, and I really wasn’t enjoying all the blessings around me.

That day at the doctor’s office was an opportunity to change. I had to decide if I wanted to continue doing what I was doing and feeling how I was feeling, or did I want to rise to the occasion and do whatever I needed to do to have a different future….a future that would also be different from many in my family. I chose a different path to better health and vitality.

My life and health are so different now, better now, and a continuing journey that I enjoy with my family and friends. My energy is back. My brain is back. The bumps and pain are gone, and my weight is disappearing, but I’m discovering I’m not alone. I’ve had so many conversations with friends and family that are experiencing similar struggles.

Here you will find information and doable steps that will guide you in preparing yummy food, plan meals and snacks, understand labels and ingredients, manage stress, and discover the uses of herbs and oils at a pace you choose. You will also find information about one-t0-one coaching services, as well as other online opportunities, that will further support you as you rise up and choose a different path to better health and vitality.

My hope is that you will relax and enjoy the posts and information provided within these pages and feel supported and encouraged as you chose a new path…as you rise and shine.

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