Farmers’ Market Fresh

If you are looking for some fresh fruits and veggies…

Are you wanting to incorporate more fresh food into your family’s diet? Well Farmers’ Market fresh is as fresh as it gets.

Farmers’ markets are filled with booths of individual farming families that live in and around your community picking fruits and veggies fresh from the plant, tree, or vine and heading straight to the market. When you arrive at the farmers’ market, make your purchases, and head home to plan and prepare meals for yourself and your family, you have brought home goods that were picked only hours earlier. No significant amount of time has passed, so you are getting full access to the nutrients present in each one of your peppers, melons, potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, or whatever items you decided upon.

Farmers’ markets around the nation offer a wide array of treasures. While fresh fruits and veggies tend to be most common, some of what I find commonly at my closest farmers’ market includes grass fed meats, dairy, healthy/specialty snacks,WP_20160903_008 homemade soaps, pottery, woodworking and sewn/crocheted items, baked goods, olive oil, coffee, clothing, preserves, and a variety of cooked foods including barbeque, Indian, and an ever-changing food truck food selection.

If you choose to become a regular visitor to your local farmers’ market, you’ll have quick access to what’s in season and can easily plan meals around your bounty. As an example, the eggs I purchased today will be a quiche tonight, red peppers will become a red pepper soup tomorrow, and one of the sweet potatoes will be part of a breakfast hash for tomorrow morning, and that’s just a start.

I do shop at the area grocery stores around me and also online for certain items I buy in bulk, but I try to pick up the majority of my produce at the local farmers’ market. If you’re interested in finding out what markets and other resources are available around you, go to and start enjoying farmers’ market fresh!

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